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Re: G1 nodal point

alain wrote:

To generate proper panorama, it's best to rotate around the nodal
point so that to points at different depths keep aligned during

Has anybody measured the distance of the focal point for the G1 at
different focal lenghts ?

thank you

I haven't tried it with my G1 yet, but it should be easy enough to do.
Several years ago, I tested my 35mm SLR in the following manner:

(I didn't keep a record, because I felt that it was very easy to do each time an appropriate focal length was selected for a panorama.)

I have a tripod where the center post which can be turned horizontally and adjusted back and forth. I used this offset tripod head to pan my camera with the FRONT of the front of the lens approximately over the panning axis. With minor experimentation, I moved the camera backwards and forwards, until the relative position of near and far objects in the viewfinder didn't change as I panned the camera. This seemed to work very well to help make better panoramic composites of film prints. Would expect that it would work equally well with the G1. Compared to film, the digital stitching technology makes the panorama construction a breeze

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