What kind of nudity in photography is in good taste?

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Two cents from a female point of view

Tough question since everyone has their own opinions and it is more of a 'you know it when you see it' thing.

I haven't photographed nudes but I have done full frontal nude figure paintings of both sexes and I don't consider them sexual at all.

I tend to find photos that look like they could have been shot on the set of a porn film to be a little trashy. I think you can tell if the photographer's goal is to turn on the viewer. If I sense that is the intent, I tend to discount it as 'art' (even though some of these are very beautiful and technnically outstanding).

A simple test for me is, if the photo was mounted on my wall, would I feel like I had to take it down if children were visiting my house (assuming their parents aren't up-tight and don't ask me to remove them).

Here are some things that say 'trash' to me (don't get me wrong--'trash isn't always bad but I wouldn't leave it up around kids):

  • when the model is wearing nothing but spike heels

  • when the model has an overly-sentual expression on their face

  • when the model is overly-made-up

  • when the pose looks like something you'd only see at a strip club

  • when the model holds a red rose

  • when the hair is way too styled and unnatural

  • when the model is in the process of undressing or unzipping something

  • when the model is eating a strawberry or banana

I most like nudes when the model looks content and at peace. There are, of course, exceptions. I'm sure my art teacher would consider a very angry model to be cutting edge art. Come to think of it--that could be an interesting study.

Just my two cents....


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