What kind of nudity in photography is in good taste?

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Re: It's a cultural thing

In general, Californians are more relaxed about everything!



Lysias wrote:
Do you mean Californians are more relaxed about nudity than the
rest of the US?


TheStarsAbove wrote:
Agree, agree, agree.

Glad I at least live in California...


Ethel wrote:

TheStarsAbove wrote:

Hi Phillip,

I went to Europe for a few months and was
surprised how liberal it was about nudity--
esp. in Sweden! There was even a couple with
their baby sunbathing at the lake---which
I thought was perfectly natural, and which nobody
else seemed to think it was "bad".

Maybe the reason it's so crazy in our country, (USA),
is because people label it bad, then people feel shame,
then think well if it's so bad, might as well go all out
and make is disgusting, (porn).

I actually think porn has done untold damage to peoples' perception
of what is normal when it comes to dealing with nudity - opinion
seems to be polarised on the matter with little in the way of a
middle ground. It has, in my opinion, caused people to think and
feel exactly like you described above, i.e. mere embarassment has
progressed to shame and then disgust. It seems erotic photography
is more likely to be classified as pornography these days when in
fact "the nude" has been a classic part of art for centuries.

I don't know what it is but people just seem so much more uptight
in the US compared to some European countries (not all European
countries are as liberal as the Swedes for example) and I'm not
sure why. In fact, there seems to be a "moral" wave sweeping
through the US which is likely to see attitudes set back about 100

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