What kind of nudity in photography is in good taste?

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erotic in the sensual innocent way

erotic concept is in the mind of the beholder. Sensual can be a form of erotica. Anyway I didnt infer that erotic posing or looks are bad or good; just that it works better if it is suggested or held to the minimum. Nudity comes in all forms and whether it is a male, female, child, or old person, everyone will react in a slightly or greater degree. My first sculpture in art class was a nude couple embracing. The Teacher basically told me that was alright but that I would have to defend myself to the viewers so just be ready. I have plenty of nudes since then done in different mediums and I make no apologies, mainly because I myself consider them art and I think it is as natural a subject as a flower is. If someone percieves tham as gross or crass it is their mind making these judgments and so there could be a problem they have with their own humanity. Im ok, they are so so. Most of the great works are nude; it is in the demeanor that the works carry themselves if you know what I am saying. If you do it well and in good taste; you will be applauded. If it is not done well and not tastefull you will be stoned. Just my .2$.

TheStarsAbove wrote:
Do you think all nudity is erotic?

I don't...I mean sometimes it's just natural.

For example...you want to suggest tranquility or something.
Say you have a waterfall, and a person standing naked under it--
I don't really think that would qualify as erotic.

Why does sensual/natural/tranquil always have to become
erotic or something else totally different from the main idea?

(I'm not just asking you nowhere...only thinking out loud...)


nowhereatoll wrote:
erotic pictures are better off if they hint at but not blatantly
expose the human body. I would draw the line at not exposing
nipples and crotches but everything else seems to be exceptable in
this modern world.

Lionheart22/3 wrote:

Any volunteers?


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