What kind of nudity in photography is in good taste?

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Re: What kind of nudity in photography is in good taste?

I suppose you've all been wondering where I've been up til now

Just saw this thread now. To me the difference between artistic nudity and erotica is simple. If I see a picture of a nude woman and I think "Wow, that is a beautiful picture." it's art. If I think "Ooooh, baby, she is HOT!" then usually it's meant to be erotica. Ironically I think a model has to be completely nude for it to be art. If she's wearing anything, even a thong, it's like "look, I'm almost naked and getting ready for sex" which leans to erotica, whereas if she's completely naked, then she's a part of nature, a natural addition to the scene. You'll notice I keep referring to she. I have no interest in male nudity. My ultimate goal is to shoot artistic nudes. I just haven't come up with an angle yet to convince someone to pose for me, looking the way I do and all. I'm always afraid they're gonna think I'm a photographer for "Outlaw Biker" magazine.

I'm pretty sure I haven't expressed myself very clearly, but some of you will get my drift.

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