What kind of nudity in photography is in good taste?

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Re: It's a cultural thing

Hi Phillip,

I went to Europe for a few months and was
surprised how liberal it was about nudity--
esp. in Sweden! There was even a couple with
their baby sunbathing at the lake---which
I thought was perfectly natural, and which nobody
else seemed to think it was "bad".

Maybe the reason it's so crazy in our country, (USA),
is because people label it bad, then people feel shame,
then think well if it's so bad, might as well go all out
and make is disgusting, (porn).


Lysias wrote:
This is a very hard question. A month ago my colleagues and I had
to design a brochure for a large international company. We proposed
to use really amazing pictures of gymnasts (male and female) to
symbolise the flexibility, agility and dynamism of our client. They
declined our proposal because they were afraid their customers in
Muslim countries would be shocked. Apparenltly the tights these
gymnasts wear, are far too revealing! I was dumbfounded.

I am a European and on the Old Continent I believe we tend to be
fairly relaxed about nudity. For me almost everything is OK,
really. As far as I am concerned pictures can reveal practically
anything as long as they are original, amazing, intriguing,
wel-executed... But I absolutely hate it when pictures are
degrading to the men or women portrayed. I love the work of Helmut
Newton. I am strangely attracted by the photographs of Nan Goldin.
I even appreciate the work of Nobuyoshi Araki (he comes close to
where I draw the line).

I am afraid no-one will be able to give you a final anwer because
it is all very personal and culturally determined.

I did some nude photography myself, almost ten years ago, I can
assure you nidity is a VERY difficult phototgraphic theme...


TheStarsAbove wrote:

Hi everyone,

I'm curious to hear the responses from those
who photograph models, models themselves,
and really any other d70 users out there
regarding nudity in photos...

When is it in good taste?
When is it "sensual" and not "lewd"?
Does it make models uncomfortable, in your experience?
Does it make photographers uncomfortable, in your experience?

Is it better to show sensual beauty outdoors, in a natural setting,
or is it
only appropriate in an indoor setting...

Anyone? Start the discussion:

Nudity in Photography



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