What kind of nudity in photography is in good taste?

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Re: What kind of nudity in photography is in good taste?


I can't stand the word erotic
and esp. "porn".

I totally agree with you that if
the photographer is uncomfortable,
then something IS wrong.

Great point!


Andy Taylor wrote:

TheStarsAbove wrote:

Hi everyone,

I'm curious to hear the responses from those
who photograph models, models themselves,
and really any other d70 users out there
regarding nudity in photos...

When is it in good taste?
When is it "sensual" and not "lewd"?
Does it make models uncomfortable, in your experience?
Does it make photographers uncomfortable, in your experience?

Speaking as a photographer who has photographed some shall we say
"interesting" subjects, this is an extremely difficult one to

There is supposedly a clear difference between Erotica and Porn*
but the acceptability or otherwise of a photograph really comes
down to the reaction of the viewer.

If it makes the model uncomfortable, then you shouldn't be doing
it. At our group shoot on Saturday, we were lucky to have a model
with no inhibitions who was perfectly happy to remove all her
clothes in front of 4 strangers, albeit in a safe environment.

If it makes the photographer uncomfortable then there's something
wrong too. I'm certainly not uncomfortable with what I do.

Is it better to show sensual beauty outdoors, in a natural setting,
or is it
only appropriate in an indoor setting...

Definitely both are appropriate.

As to what is acceptable - again anything goes. I suggest you look
at the submissions on http://www.photosig.com (including mine - HINT)
Erotica = using a feather, Porn = using the whole chicken

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