What kind of nudity in photography is in good taste?

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Re: What kind of nudity in photography is in good taste?

TheStarsAbove wrote:

Hi everyone,

I'm curious to hear the responses from those
who photograph models, models themselves,
and really any other d70 users out there
regarding nudity in photos...

When is it in good taste?
When is it "sensual" and not "lewd"?
Does it make models uncomfortable, in your experience?
Does it make photographers uncomfortable, in your experience?

Is it better to show sensual beauty outdoors, in a natural setting,
or is it
only appropriate in an indoor setting...

Anyone? Start the discussion:

Nudity in Photography



I haven't been into photography for very long, but used to work with watercolors and acrylic paints. Many of the better art classes use live, nude models. The reason for this is that the human body has pretty much every shape or form that there is and different lighting produces shadows and contrasts from one end of the spectrum to the other. I guess it's just about the best study available for art, especially when you are first beginning. I suppose that this would apply to photography as well. Just make sure that you know who your model is and that they are of legal age to consent. And unless you know this person extremely well, don't be alone with them during the shoot. As for erotica, I guess that is an individual thing. Some would see beauty and some would see filfth. I would be careful about who you share this type of photography with and I would also get a release form from the model. Certainly wouldn't post any photos here. Best of luck and Happy Holidays.

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