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Re: Dell and 8080

herosi wrote:

According to DHL they delivered my C8080 yesterday. Their email
says they left at my Garage door.

When I got home surprise surprise no camera at my home or my
neighbors home.

A call to DHL proved fruitless. 'Well the driver said he left at
your garage door. We'll have to look into the situation.'

Since I live in New Hampshire and the temperature did not get out
of the teens all day yesterday I figured that the camera (where
ever it is) is probably toast by now. So I called my friendly Dell
rep in Bangalore India and he is kindly sending me a new camera (it
should be here in two weeks).

I'm sure when Dell gets the camera that was left somewhere by DHL
they will put it back in stock. So I'm warning anyone thats buying
a 8080 from Dell they may be getting a very cold 8080 camera.

Thanks for listening to my ranting.


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I feel your pain. I have ordered several cameras through Dell. I have never had a problem with overnight shipping. They have always left the packages at my back door. But I often wondered what would happen if the package disappeared since I didn’t sign for them. The real problem with Dell is the finance department. It once took me several months to get my account credited for a camera return. Many phone calls and emails to India.

Josh (gripman)

C3000, C4000, C5060 + FL-20, Stylus Epic Limited & SonyDCR-TRV17 Digital Camcorder

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