Computer control of Nikon D70

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FarshadN New Member • Posts: 1
Re: D70 computer control with gphoto software

I was wondering if anyone (especially Gary) has managed to use gphoto2 software on Linux to control the D70?
Your help will be very much appreciated.

GaryNH wrote:
Sorry I havnt got back to you.... but my linux PC fell in a heap
and I will have to reload from scratch... Hope to do that tonight
so may get a chance tomorrow to try out the packages.

Gary H

GaryNH wrote:
I have d/l'd both and will install them tomorrow when I get back to
Will post any findings ASAP.


Farshad9 wrote:
gphoto link

It will be great if you can try and let us know the result


GaryNH wrote:
Sound interesting....
If you give me a pointer to gphoto and/or jphoto I can try it and
see what happens.
I have both Win and Linux boxes on my desk so no problem there.


Farshad9 wrote:
There are a couple of options that I am aware of, namely gphoto on
Linux and Jphoto which is Java based for mainly Linux but with some
support for windows as well.
D70 is not listed as one of the supported cameras in the list
(Nikon Coolpix variety are listed). However it may still be
possible to use it, provided that:
1) D70 supports PTP
2) capture capability of the PTP is supported by D70

I do not actually have a D70 so I can not test this. But since D70
appears to be a good camera I am keen to use it for my application,
provided I can control it with under full computer control (No user
intervention with menus and buttons etc).

If anyone who has a D70 is keen to try this and let us know that
would be great.

Mark Roberts wrote:

Checking in the Linux community... i beleive there might be some
USB/PTP stacks available. I haven't seen the same for windoze, but
then I haven't looked all that hard, either.

Good luck, and if you find something, let me know!
Harbortronics... home of the DigiSnap!

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