Vandalism in historic cemetery

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will anyone in the San Jose area......

photosrme wrote:

Shove me off a clifF

Yes, photosrme has a bad disposition. Take a look at his other hateful posts. Perhaps he is off his medication once again.

Oh, yes. wait for the usual Michael Moore rant.

photosrme wrote:
Shame. Probably done by ACLU types. They're pulling up and
rooting out any sign that Christians ever lived in America. We
were actually founded by the ancestors of Lenin and Stalin as it
turns out. Atheists.

Here in Cupertino, a teacher has been forbidden to hand out copies
of the Declaration of Independence to students because it has
references to the Creator in it. At the same time, California
schools require that 7th graders understand the seven whatevers of
Islam. Hannity and Colmes were here last night trying to make
sense of this. Wish I had gotten a picture with my E-1.

Tony Finnerty wrote:

Since moving into gold country in the Sierra Nevada of California,
more than a year ago, I have loved visiting historic artifacts from
the '49er gold rush and aftermath. St. Canice cemetery in Nevada
City, where many of the early miners and their descendants are
buried, is the first place I went with my brand new E-1 last
February. I can feel history and sense something of the life
stories of those folks. I've been back many times, often to take

Last Saturday I found that vandals had struck. Most of the old
wood crosses, marking the graves of people too poor to afford
tombstones, had been pulled up and thrown at random. Some of the
marble headstones were broken off. I was too heartsick to take

Yesterday I went back to record the vandalism. I'm not sure why.
It was a dark, rainy day, a reflection of my gloom that people
would do such a thing. There is little art in destruction.
However this picture, showing a marble obelisk broken off a
monument and thrown to the ground, has some photographic appeal
through the gloom. I wasn't using a tripod, so had to crank up ISO
and couldn't get as much depth of field as I'd like.

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