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Re: But I want a large sensor!

Leica D2 (2/3 sensor) came close, it has a wonderful lens F 2-2.4, costs a fortune.
Still, the DOF is far too deep. Nothing helps here but a larger sensor.

For me, mirror could be replaced with a good EVF, or even better, with a 4" high resolution movable LCD screen.

blackdiamond wrote:
I wonder if they can create lenses for the current 1/1.8" to 2/3"
ccd's which are extremely fast that will give greater DOF. Say
lenses that are f1.4 or faster. This will give the advantage of
greater DOF and lower noise(not having to go to higher ISO). I'm
sure there are technical reasons why we haven't seen such fast
small lenses. But current p&s digicams have the advantage over
dslr's in that the lenses don't have to be designed to be a good
distance from the ccd due to having no mirror in the way.

Dan Wajnman wrote:

Srf_Cast wrote:

Dan Wajnman wrote:

wolfie wrote:

But I want a large sensor - chiefly because I want more control
over DOF - after using 35mm for 30yrs the "almost everything in
focus" pictures with a 1/1.8 sensor can drive you bananas even at

My sentiments exactly!

The lack of DOF control is a major difference between small and
large sensor digicams.
It's not the size, nor the changing of mirrors, not the
viewfinders, convenience, weight or anything like that - it is the
You can do landscape and interiors very well with a small sensor
digicam and a lot of squirrels too, for photographing people you
need a large sensor or film.

The best,

Well, like I said DOF is the only major limitation of the small
sensor in the long run I see.
If you want the big sensor you have to live with big and more
expensive glass and big camera. That’s just physics.
The good news is that the ¾ sensor is still smaller than full frame
film and the cameras like Pentax DS are taking advantage of it. I
don’t think that the digicam with fixed prime lens, big sensor and
the size of DSLR would be such a hot item.

Yes, I want a big sensor because I need DOF control.
And I do not care for any "hot items" which cannot giv it to me.
By the way, I would consider even the Oly's 4/3 sensor big enough
so the resulting camera wouldn't have to be large.

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