its only a dreami ? or might happen ? when ..?

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Re: Small camera, big sensor

Jeremy Rosenberger wrote:

Since I haven't seen any mention in this thread of Epson's R-D1, I
think it's worth a mention here. As a manual-focus rangefinder
camera with a $3000 price tag, it may not be exactly what you had
in mind. However, it is quite a bit smaller than most SLRs

And it's mount is for lenses that were designed for FF 35mm film. So a prosumer quality digital P&S (or whatever one wants to name a non-DSLR) build from the ground up for an APS-sized sensor, with a new proprietry mount and lenses could be a lot smaller. In theory 1.6 times smaller. Not to mention a fixed lens system. After all, back in the film days the vast majority of P&S cameras, certainly the better ones, carried the same size 'sensor' as the SLR types. And they could build them quite compact. Now with APS it must even be easier.

BTW, some APS/DX DSLR owners apparently don't seem to realize that they basically carry over 50% of dead lens weight with them.

Right now there's a huge gap between the largest sensor size for P&S and the smallest for DSLR (someting like 50 against 250 mm2 or so). Digicam manufacturers some day must admit the gap is simply too large. If they want to continue selling new versions of their relatively expensive 'prosumers' (G6, Pro1, DL2, 8088 etc.) IMO they will either have to come up with a new sensor size (why not something in between, like 150 mm2 ?) or incorporate the APS format into their top line P&S'ers.

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