580EX at dell for $361 (pre Canon $20 rebate) free shipping

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Re: This is a rollercoaster ride!

When I order camera eqt from Dell I do it because it is the best deal. Thats the reason I order it and it is the reason that 90% order it. I ahve ordered 4 or 5 items from them over the last year. The only thing that shipped right off was a filler ink cartridged to get me over a price level so I could use a coupon. I expect it to be this way and have not been disappointed yet. It is well known, and when you order, you will wait. However when I have ordered computer related material from them they have almost always shipped very quickly and I have been happy with what they have sent.

If you want to cancel probably online is the least stressful. Go to a forum and jump in and ask to cancel or email customer service. I had the same problem trying to do a return, not getting anyone, finally use email and it worked perfectly.

Good luck getting your 580, too!

wendyorg wrote:

I cancelled my order with Dell and went through HELL trying to do
it - they finally said "ok, then we will credit your card back for
it" aI said "you mean you charged me for it even though it was oo
stock? he said, "yes, it is charged as soon as the order is
placed"! Who does that??? So anyway, I looked in my bank info and
it had not been charged - YET! So I ordered from Etronics cause it
was in stock, then a few days later, they wrote and said they were
out of stock! Am I EVER gonna get this flash???? GRRRRR


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