Canon PowerShot S1 IS voltage input jack

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Re: Canon PowerShot S1 IS voltage input jack

the S1 runs of 4 batteries in series, so 6V nominal. The socket is centre positive which you can confirm by finding some pics of the ps700 supply on the net and blowing up the logo printed on it, which is what I did. I have a couple of portable digital regulated supplies with a 7.5V setting which works well with the S1 (the ps700 is a nominal 7.4V). However I just tried it on external 6V and the S1 powered up fine and took pics. Alternatively Google for power runner which is what I have. The top model is rated at 5Ahr at a regulated output of 7.5V or 6Ahr at an output of 6V, is a smallish li-ion pack with convenient belt clip. The canon advice is almost certainly to dissuade people trying cheap unregulated supplies where large off load voltages may easily damage the camera.

Adwulf wrote:

hwmoody wrote:

I'm wanting to hook up a larger 6volt battery to my Canon S1 Is.
Canon tech support advises me against doing that with no other
explaining than that it will cancel out my warranty and support for
my camera. They refuse to tell me if the center post needs to be -
-"Positive" or "Negative in this jack. I don't see how this can
be detrimental to the camera if I have the proper polarity for the
jack. Can someone help me? And , or enlighten me to where my
thoughts are wrong. Thanks! Harold

I'm using a 6V adapter with + (plus) at the center post. I got this
answer from Canon and it's working without problem.
But I must admit that the first time I was little afraid.
Check CA-PS700 (original Canon) at:

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