300D vs. 20D noise and banding - identical conditions

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300D vs. 20D noise and banding - identical conditions

Here is the result of 2 100% identical comparisons between the Canon "Digital Rebel" 300D and the Canon 20D.

Results were reached as follows:

  • both cameras were set to the same shutter speed and aperture

  • the same lens was used for all test images (17-40mm f/4L)

  • all images were imported into Photoshop using CRAW and all settings were set to zero (0) for importing, no sharpening or otherwise applied

  • level sliders were applied equivalently to all images (input values: 0, 1.00, 42).

The result is this combined image which shows 300D noise vs. 20D noise and banding.


  • the 300D has noise, the 20D has noise.

  • the 300D has some very light banding present (seems to be spread out more than the 20D)

  • the 20D, however, has excessive banding

  • the 20D also has more apparent noise at high ISO settings.

Here is the proof:

Here are images showing the photoshop levels settings, and also show the 20D has prevalent banding compared to the 20D.



Original RAW images as well as images showing photoshop settings can be downloaded here:


Note: these tests were performed after installing 20D firmware 1.1.0.

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