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Re: Rabid Saver... Must Protect Original!

Typeaux wrote:

echelon2004 wrote:

As long as you remain inside PS the file format selected in the raw
development dialog will have no effect (bit depth will however)
since the Jpeg remains unpacked all the time, it's only when you
save to disc as Jpeg that anything are lost.
Just remember to save the final image as psd or Tiff or something=)

Technically accurate, Anders, and thanks for the input, but doing
it that way doesn't fit my (rather fanatical) habit of saving often
(ever been working on a file for an hour without saving and have
the computer crash or the application lock up on you?
Aaaarrrgh!! ). I try to make "Save As" the first thing I do, since
a slip of a key or the mouse can result in overwriting the original
file (which CAN be undone in some cases, but only if you remember,
and only if you're using recent versions of Photoshop).

Here is my workflow -- hope it helps someone. I have two folders on my computer: "Pictures" and "Pictures unmodified". Inside each folder is subdivided into years and months. I download all images in Raw or original out-of-the-camera JPEG into "Pictures unmodified" floders. Then I transfer the exact copy of those files into the appropriate subdivision inside "Pictures" folder. Once the images are in "pictures" folder, I weed and modify them as I like, knowing that originals are always available. I backup both folders together regularly.

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