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I do feel that Canon reps are well trained on how to shut the door on us. Quite frankly, had Canon stated that external flashes are RESTRICTED to EX flashes I probably have have not bought my G1. Though some buyers don't care about that, many others do. It would be nice if the reviews are updated so that unsuspecting buyers like myself don't get in to this delima. Unless informed about it, this problem is so insiduous that by the time a user discover it's too late to return the product. Not to mention the headache and confusion that we go through before reaching the conclusion that we have.

Phil, I don't know of a good way to get this to the right persons in Canon but hope that you do. Can you help? Can you update the review to include this finding so that other buyers won't unknowingly get trapped into it?


J.C. Bagley wrote:

Peter T wrote:

I suggest calling Canon and see what they say about this.

Well, I have now called Canon. The Customer Server rep said that
they will only investigate the manual flash over-exposure problem
if I can duplicate it with the 220EX, 380EX, 420EX or 550EX
flashes. He told me that if I could duplicate my tests with one
(or more) of these flashes that I could send the camera to them and
they would investigate.
I argued with the guy for about 5 minutes informing him that I'm
not using TTL and that the type of flash used won't matter. He
wouldn't budge. I kept pushing and trying to get him to read
specific documentation that states that the G1 will NOT work with
any other flash. He continued to say that those were the only
flashes even though I could only find documentation that states
those flashes are "recommended" but not restricted to.

Eventually, he hung up on me.

I'm trying to locate another EX series flash so I can test with a
100% EX series system. Once I complete that test, I'll send my
camera to them.

I'll keep you informed.

J. C.

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