Tehran - A Modern City In The Heart Of Ancient Iran

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Tehran - A Modern City In The Heart Of Ancient Iran

Tehran, the capital of Iran, houses about 12 million inhabitants. Being a city that is on elevated grounds (1200 to 1700m), the weather is generally dry and cooling.

Elburz Mountains, with its peak covered with snow for most of the year, is what separates the city from the Caspian Sea.

The Golestan (Rose Garden) Palace, located right in the heart of the city, was once the Qajars' royal residence.

The palace's colorful exterior walls are made up of small tiles that are hand-painted.

The palace's interior are truely magnificent, with walls that are pieced up with mirrors and colored glasses.

Our taxi was stopped by a security guard outside the National Museum of Iran.

The museum showcased many exhibits, including this ancient coffin.

The Tehran Bazaar is a haven for local shoppers. The marketplace is huge, with 'underground' streets stretching endlessly. You can find anything from jewelleries to carpets.

On the streets, roadside stalls are adundant. Iran is famous for their nuts - pistachios, cashews, almonds and hazelnuts.

A typical weekday traffic on the road.

An Iranian chef whipping up one of the speciality - beef stew.

One of the most popular local delight - Chargrilled Chicken Kebabs

After a hearty meal, its time for a smoke of the middle eastern water pipe, also known as narguileh

It was mid-autumn, where leaves turned yellow

It was beautiful walking on a street that was flanked by trees with golden leaves

A shopping mall in Tehran. Even the walls and ceilings are exquisitely hand-painted.

The Iranians make excellent pastries, and they cost really little.

A roadside stall selling pomegranate juice, which is surprisingly tasty! Pomegranate is also affectionately known as the "jewel of winter."

Powerline towers on Mount Elburz.

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