Canon 28-135IS @135mm vs Canon 70-200LF4 @131mm

Started Dec 5, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon 28-135IS @135mm vs Canon 70-200LF4 @131mm

I had the same question some time back, and someone pointed out to me that on the 28-135, (and maybe on most zooms) the field of view and therefor the focal length changes a bit with subject distance/focus. It is more apparent at shorter subject distances. The lens is closest to its nominal focal length at large subject distances or near infinity.


Daniel wrote:

How come Canon 70-200L F4 @ 131mm focal length looks more zoomed in
than Canon 28-135IS @ 135mm? Which is correct?

Canon 70-200L F4 @ 131mm:

Canon 28-135IS @ 135mm:

Images are not cropped and taken in jpg.


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