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Re: COLOR fares not as good

Thank you for clarifying that, David. I knew this in some form in my head, but you made the distinction much clearer. In other words, Brian's method of blending preserved the best of both exposures. (Only when you preserve relative brightness across the picture, you run into this desaturation effect.) Unfortunately, unless you use a hard interface, the 50/50 mix around the blend interface will be ugly, as can be seen in Brian's blend. A ideal subject for two-exposure blending has a definite dark and light area (house and sky, for instance) where the eye doesn't care about the "relative" brightness between the two major areas. Brian's example doesn't have such luxury. You can't hide the transition behind objects very well. Every relative tone compared to the next is important. Further down this thread I try mathematically blending the two exposures, preserving relative brightness, which reduces saturation, as I discuss there.

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