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Re: Non-EX Canon Flashes

Ted Felix wrote:

J.C. Bagley wrote:

However, when the camera is put in manual
mode, the TTL stuff is completely turned off (for flash output and
for exposure settings). This is standard, and it's a good thing.

But that sounds like a contradiction. On your website you mention
that you set up the 380EX flash for 1/125, f/2 and 1/125 f/8. I
thought that when the G1 was in manual mode you couldn't make an EX
flash do anything other than fire at full power. Since I've never
used an EX flash, there must be something I'm missing. Does the
flash itself have an "M" mode too?

The way to change the effective power output for a flash is to move the flash or diffuse it. In the case of the 380EX, I had moved it as far away as I could, so I had to diffuse the light. I simply diffuesed the flash by covering the flash head with cloth. This (greatly) reduced that amount of light that hit the subject. That's how I was able to get the 380EX flash to output enough light to make the light meter read 8.0 and 2.0 - simply change the flash-to-subject distance and/or diffuse the light.

As for whether I should note this on my web page, I certainly could. However, since I used a light meter to determine the amount of light on the subject, how I got the light isn't really important. Actually, that's the point of the G1 flash problem. In manual mode, it should not matter what emits the light (studio lights, Canon speedlights, third-party flash heads, etc...). The fact still remains that the subject has X amount of light reaching it and the G1 should be able to properly expose for that. Especially since I'm doing all the thinking for the camera - the (hand-held)light meter says 8.0 @ 1/125, then that's the amount of light reaching the subject. Set the camera to that and fire. It's supposed to be that simple.

J. C.

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