G1 Flash Photograph 101

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Re: Non-EX Canon Flashes

J.C. Bagley wrote:

However, when the camera is put in manual
mode, the TTL stuff is completely turned off (for flash output and
for exposure settings). This is standard, and it's a good thing.

But that sounds like a contradiction. On your website you mention that you set up the 380EX flash for 1/125, f/2 and 1/125 f/8. I thought that when the G1 was in manual mode you couldn't make an EX flash do anything other than fire at full power. Since I've never used an EX flash, there must be something I'm missing. Does the flash itself have an "M" mode too?

Maybe you should give a few more details on the setup on your webpage (mention that the cable carries the dedication signals, and specify the exact switch settings on the 380EX). No sense wasting your breath (keystrokes?) here.

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