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Z3 Queries

My wife,s Z3 arrived this afternoon.

She has been using a Z2 and loves it.

I took the batteries (recharables) out of the Z2 and put them into the Z3, set the menus and switched on the viewfinder. Nothing.

Is this faulty.

I grabbed some new alkaline batteries and it fired up ok. Strange I thought.

I then put the rechargables back in and it worked ok. We were using it in quite a low lighting situation. We took about 30 experimental shots to test hand holding the camera against the old Z2.

I thought I would give the rechargeables a top up for a couple of hours and took them out (they are Hahnnel 2350 mAh Ni-Mh and faily new).

I put them back into the camera and switched it on whilst pointing it at the Tv screen, the viewfinder was not working again. Moving the camera to focus on a bright light does nothing.

But, if I switch it of and then switch on again whilst pointing at a bright light the viewfinder works ok, then, if I pan around and over some very dark areas it goes off again.

Is this camera faulty???

Has any one else any experience on this issue.

I have done a search, and read about the battery problems, but the consensus here seemed to be that rechargables are the best bet, and no one complains that the viewfinder screen does not work. They only say they get lock ups or battery low indicators.

Do I need to send it back???



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