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Seems to work very well.

I understand Eric_17's assertion about increased dynamic range (DR) decreasing contrast since doing so increases the range of greyscale available and thus makes the transitions smoother and less "contrasty."

I also know that color becomes desaturated with more dyanmic range.

Knowing all of that does not change the fact that increased DR makes more highlight and shadow detail available. Once those details have been brought out, further post processing can selectively increase contrast and color saturation as desired, while retaining all or most of the detail recovered by increased DR.

I'm impressed with the color version, and don't think more saturation would work with this image. Sometimes more contrast and saturation is desired, and sometimes it is superfluous (as is even color itself, for some images).

To be honest, I am not sure anything has been added to this particular photograph by the introduction of color to the image, other than to illustrate that your demonstration does work for both monochrome and color shots under these extreme conditions.

Thanks again for your time and for making this subject more accessible for so many of us.

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