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Re: Non-EX Canon Flashes

Ted Felix wrote:

Does your canon flash cord carry the dedication signals? I'm
betting it doesn't, because normally in "M" mode a canon flash will
fire at full power (from what I've heard). Try running the test
with the 380EX in the hotshoe, and with one of the non-canon's in
the hotshoe.

Technically, yes, the Canon cables do carry the dedication signals. However, since the camera is set to manual, the flashes merely get a "FIRE NOW!" signal (i.e. TTL is turned off), which is exactly what you said - the flashes will fire in full power mode. I can prove this if need be. I'll save that for a later discussion, though.

For all of those who have tried to justify this flash problem by creative interpretations of the Canon G1 manual, let me add that the exact same setup has been tested on my Canon Rebel 2000 and my Elan IIE. The Rebel and Elan correctly exposes the film. Why can't the G1??

For those who still are convinced that this is not a problem with the G1 and that Canon is not obligated to fix the problem, consider this. Take the situation where you want full manual control over your two or three off-camera 550EX flashes (wireless or not). You use a light meter to setup your individual flash output and then set your G1 to the corresponding exposure value in manual mode. You will have the same problem of faulty exposure. Once you take E-TTL out of the picture (which happens when the 550EX flashes are set to manual mode), then the G1 will not properly expose the "film" - no matter what flash you use and who made those flashes.

If anyone is in the Cary, N.C., USA, area and owns one or more 550EX flashes, I'd love to prove this point with my G1 and a full 550EX setup. It'll take 15 minutes to run the test. I'll give you directions to my house or meet you somewhere else.

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