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New Color Examples as Requested...

Hello All,

In another post within this thread, Eric_17 wrote:

"Increasing the dynamic range (decreasing contrast) inherently desaturates color and adds more grey to an image. (And by the same principle, decreasing dynamic range (increasing contrast) inherently increases color saturation.) It seems to me that Brian's results are falsely spectacular (don't get me wrong, + -4 EV really is impressive), but if he had tried this with a color image, the results would not have been the magazine-worthiness the black & white one is.

I'm not sure I agree with or fully understand the statement "increasing dynamic range (decreasing contrast) inherently desaturates color and adds more grey to an image." Eric- can you please elaborate a bit here?

Eric also wrote:

"Brian, could you repeat your example with the original color versions? Is this undesirable side-effect simply surmountable by increasing saturation with Photoshop's Hue/Saturation dialog? Sorry, my camera doesn't have RAW so I can't play myself."

Not a problem. Here, as requested, are color examples. All of these examples were processed exactly the same way as the B&W ones, including the quick and crappy blending of exposures. (Forgive the huge amounts of CA at the top of the window- the kit lens leaves much to be desired. Notice, though, how nicely it goes away once blended with the udnerexposed version in the end)

Here they are:

Baseline exposure




To make it easier to compare, I'll but the baseline and the blend next to each other:

Got to run to work, so no more for now.

Kind Regards,

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