See my SIGMA SD10 + CANON 28-70 L

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sorry i just expain it because i havnt take any photo to this process

1. CANON and SIGMA have the same electronic sign for lens and their AF metal stick in the mount are very similar just a little difference on distance between sticks

2. You must got a sigma lens which has a adaptive rear mount to your canon lens

3. remove metal adapter on the two lens

4. remove the lines connected between the adapter and the lens

5. place the SA adapter to your canon lens

6. use 6 lines or 7 lines to reconnect the SA adapter to your canon lens by order, which means 1-> 1, 2-> 2, 3-> 3, 4-> 4, 5-> 5, 6-> 6

7. make a new hole in your SA metal adapter so you can add a screw ( the sa mount has a different screw position with the ef mount and the other three are same)

8. reassemble the canon lens

OK, it now a SA mount canon lens. you can reassemble the sigma lens then it will be a EF mount sigma lens but it is normal

Mark Fojas wrote:

Post diagrams so we can do this! (Wiring and such w/ colors) I'd
love to have a lense like this!

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