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Re: MAC vs PC

Any file sent in the email can be read on PC as long as you have software to open it.


Jon J. Both (Edgeman) wrote:
Marcelo Macs will read PC disks & files.....PC will not read Mac
disks....however if someone was to send you a TIF file or JPEG by
Internet from a Mac....providing the Image / File was put in a
folder & then compressed with say PKZIP for Mac then you would be
able to open it on a PC except the JPEG it could just be attached
to any e-mail.

Hope this answered your question

Glad to help
Jon J. Both (Edgeman)

Marcelo Campiglia wrote:


Please excuse me but i want to know something.

If i have an image for mac it is compativle with a pc? and other way?

Thank you


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