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Re: Non-EX Canon Flashes

Ok. I've done the test you suggested. You can find the images at:


I ran four tests - two tests using two Vivitar 283 flashes and two tests using a Canon 380EX and a 430EZ. There is a definite jump with the shots taken at 4.0 regardless of which flashes were used.

The most obvious thing to note is the gross overexposure then the light meter reads 1/125 @ 8.0. There's obviously something very wrong here with the G1. From the postings in this forum, it sounds like the problem is with the firmware. Hopefully we can get Canon to correct this.

I would appreciate it if someone would confirm my findings by duplicating the tests. I can post pictures of my setup (along with more detailed descriptions of how things were setup). Just ask.

Check it out and let me know what you think. I'd be happy to take more test shots. Just suggest some things to try.

J. C.

Michael W. wrote:

If you own a G1 and a non-EX Canon flash of any kind, please HELP
us by running a simple test:

  • Set the camera to Manual mode

  • Set shutter speed to 1/125

  • Shoot the same scene with all possible appertures with the flash

on in manual mode and note if the exposure come out as expected
(e.g. 5.6 is supposed to be darker than 4.0, etc.).

Please tell us your finding, which flash model you're using, and
whether you G1 has the new firmware. If you get carried away and
want to run the test at other shutter speeds, we'd like to hear
about them too.

Thank you very much in advance.


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