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Re: Why Kevin ?

LPG wrote:

I never for an instant would have
expected neither Chinon nor Kodak to upgrade their already sold
digicams for free.

I don't expect an upgrade,but I do expect that if Canon is going to promote the features of a camera as professional-grade (see's own ad copy), and if they are to show up at PMA and Photokina showing the camera in a studio-style context, then I do have some minimal expectations, such as flash sync that doesn't wander depending upon the focal length, and proper support for the equipment and accessories that Canon promotes with the camera.

These are not difficult or unreasonable things to expect!

I know that a Rebel 2000 is not an EOS-1v, but I expect that if it says "manual control" on the Rebel that "manual control" is what I will get. At that bare basic level, the two 35mm cameras are equivalent, despite the 5x price difference. The Rebel isn't appropriate for sustained professional use, but it won't STOP you from taking a photo. The G1, however, will -- despite the fact that the core message of all the G1 marketing is "creative control."

To my mind, the problems with the G1 are not "upgrade" issues -- they are "bug fix" issues. Canon apparently sees them as neither -- call them "not our problem" issues.

And when I had that clear understanding -- when I realized that Canon would never attempt to improve or fix the basic functional problems in the G1 and Pro90 -- when it was clear after numerous contacts (myself and others) that Canon views the users as rabble and choses to apply spin control rather than even admit that problems exist -- then yes, I gave up on getting out of my camera what I want from it. So I've started thinking actively about replacing it. And given this track record, I've given up on trusting Canon as a provider.

It's neither intransigence or my nefarious connections with Sony


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