On the dynamic range of RAW...

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...thanks for your response, Brian...

...I just thought the sunlight on the desktop in the original image was really spiffy...helped the "atmosphere", so to speak...and I kinda missed it in the final edition...(I know you were just doing a quick example, but I'm trying to catch up...hmmm...I may be a while)...
...appreciatively yers,

Brian G. wrote:

Hi buzzy,
Well, it would depend on exactly how you blended your images. One
very easy way to blend, for example, is to simply copy and paste
one of your versions over the other, and then selectively use the
history brush. There are other ways as well, but I'll be honest-
although I get by, I am no Photoshop guru. I am sure there are
many good tutorials available online, though.

Thanks again for your comments.

Kind Regards,
Brian (el picador, Sir Brian)

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