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Re: Thanks....

Nik, Anders, Guy and all others that have helped me learn so much. There is still a lot to digest here but it is all starting to make sense. I find that I have been doing some things wrong but the things I have done right keep me from being too upset. :]

Yes, I have done editing and saving in JPEG but, All my original SHQ JPEGS were saved on disks from the start, untouched and right out of the camera. I saved a copy of each for processing on my HD and then after all my changes, I saved those JPEGS to another set of disks so I would have a spare copy of all the edited pics. Unfortunately, as I learn here, those must have suffered some. So, from now on, I will convert to TIFF when I want to do editing.

I just don't think shooting in TIFF is a real option for me except for special shots where space and time won't matter much. If I'm out all day though, I don't think it is feasable do to space.

Thanks again guys.

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Andy (Critiques Always Welcome)

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