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Happy to help, Terri. :) (nt)

Terri French wrote:
should have read all the way through the threads before I asked a
question. Thanks for already providing the info.

Terri French wrote:
Exactly how did you blend the layers? In photoshop? What steps
did you use?

I am interested in trying this after your explanation.


Brian G. wrote:
Hi Wayne,

Wayne N. wrote:

I also did not know that detail could be pulled out of blown RAW
highlights - that's amazing. Is there such a thing as a blown
highlight with RAW files then?

Yes, there is. Even with a RAW file, you can get into situations
where you simply have overexposed too much and there is some
detail lost that is not recoverable. But you have so much more
latitude than with an 8-bit jpg.

I suppose there aren't too many people out there in the dslr world
that still choose to shoot jpeg.

Perhaps not, but this isn't unique to dslrs. I should have
clarified this in my first post, but this kind of dynamic range
expansion is true for any higher-than-8-bit RAW file compared to
its jpg. You will have more range on an slr due to its larger
sensor, but this technique works just fine on my 8080, for example.

Out of curiosity, how much time did it take you to end up with the
final image shown here?

Almost no time at all Wayne. It's actually very easy to do. To
process that image twice (+ and - 4EV) and then blend them and save
took all of about two minutes, at most. Probably only about a
minute, maybe minute and a half.

Also, does it take very much extra time
dealing with RAW files in general?

Not really. You can do all of the major manipulations you are
likely to want to do right with the RAW image. Having done that,
you don't need to spend time working on a jpeg. You simply save as
a tif, or whatever your file-type of choice is. Additionally, you
can batch process RAW images (without even having to open them, if
you know, for example, that they were all taken under the same
lighting conditions).

I find that it takes me less time to work with RAW images,
actually, since I'm getting things right in the conversion process.


You're welcome. Glad you found it interesting.

Kind Regards,
Brian (el picador, Sir Brian)

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