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Re: Any point shooting in TIFF then?

Wayne N. wrote:

If a TIFF file is already processed (albeit without compression),
is there much point shooting in TIFF? (my c770 only offers JPG or
TIFF I think).

Ie can you do the same kind of stuff with a TIFF file that you can
do with a RAW (or whatever it is called) file?

Thanks (and sorry in advance if this is a stupid question lol!)

All shooting in TIFF does is prevent any compression artifacts from the initial encoding from coming in. There are basically two steps involved where errors can creep in: The first step is the conversion from the sensor to an image format (ie, convert a 12 bit datum into an 8 bit datum). The second step involves compressing the image data into a smaller format that is logically equivalent, because our eyes can't see the difference (in theory). Making a JPG involves both steps, while making a TIFF only involves the first step, and using a RAW format skips both steps, postponing them until you are on a computer.

For a static (ie, non-moving subject) what you can do if shooting TIFF or JPEG is shoot the image with exposure compesation set at -2, 0, and +2 (either manually or with bracketing). Then you can combine the pictures in post processing, taking shadow detail from the overexposed picture and highlight detail from the underexposed picture.

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