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I guess that Kevin's posting here points to a similar direction. From what I understand he trys to apply public preasure as he had failed making them respond personally to his issues. I am concern though that he publishing posts that deflate the value of the camera will heart us but will not do much to Canon. I feel both for him and for those who have expressed their just frustration from. In MHO this will get us nowhere. Class action suit is one way that I like but need to see if we really have a case.

Another way may be suggesting that canon will creat an upgrade for pay. Now, I am not saying a "fix" - this should be free but I do suggest that at the same time they release the next generation of G1 they should issue also a firmware upgrade to their current customers. This will restor faith, it will make them look good and by selling the upgrade for $50-$150 they will make just as much money (if not more) than selling a new camera - this is a good deal for every one. If it is technically feasible than I think this is the way to go


Samath wrote:
Canon has to fix all their bugs. If not let's get together to apply
more and more pressure to get things sorted out. Are Canon
Engineers dumb ? do they listen to their users ? As some one
pointed on this thread all good people who made Canon Cameras
better with their EOS series of SLR cameras are gone and who is
remaining at Canon are some dumb people who is driving their
reputation to zero.

  • Sam

Steveb wrote:
Maybe a class action suit would bring some satisfaction if Canon is
truly unresponsive? IBM had a similar situation with their
defective Mwave modems in earlier Aptivas.... after enough legal
pressure they were forced to make things right with all their
customers who struggled with that bad design.

Just a thought...

KevinBjorke wrote:

Jim Adams wrote:

You are starting to sound like Neal.


I hope that someone realizes that unlike Mr. Neal I actually have
spent a lot of time and effort trying to get the performance out of
the G1 that I expected after seeing Canon's advertising,
promotional appearances, and the many initially glowing reviews.
I'm also not so foolish as to say, as he did, that the G1 is
incapable of taking wonderful photos within some contexts.
Unfortunately, I would include "by accident" as one of those

Canon promotes the camera as broadly capable, but in fact the
design of the camera is an obstacle, and the behavior of Canon can
only lead me to believe that there will be no solutions
forthcoming. Indeed, as witnessed by recent threads here, it seems
that the capabilities of the camera were actually REDUCED by
Canon's recent un-undoable firmware upgrade.

Maybe there is no camera less than $1000 that does what I want.
Could be. But why does Canon promote the G1 as being such a beast?
If the rumours of a "G1a" are true, does this mean Canon hopes that
users will be successfully duped into dropping another $900 for a
camera that promises the same set of features.... again?

Is the cause internal politics among the divisions of Canon,
impetuous arrogance of the product team, desire to protect the
company "kao," or a camera that was released on-time despite
serious design flaws that the engineers had no time to resolve? It
really doesn't matter from the perspective of a customer -- all I
can see is that the gear has problems, that those problems SHOULD
be readily soluble, but that the manufacturer either denies the
problems exist, chooses to remain silent and pretend the complaints
don't exist, or actually turns around and lectures the customers
about how THEY are at fault for expecting simple basic operations
to be dependable and predictable.

I can only imagine that the people who drove Canon forward once
upon a time, those designers and developers who made the AE-1 and
the A-1 and who wrested professional dominance from Nikon with the
the EOS cameras -- those guys have all retired and left behind a
different company; a company so full of hubris that it doesn't
feel it has a need to prove itself to its customers, that it can
subvert industrial standards that Canon itself helped to create,
and can actually lecture customers about how they shouldn't want
the basic support and performance they expected.

Microsoft might get away with that sort of behavior thanks to their
accidental near-monopoly -- but Canon has plenty of smart
competitors, and in a volatile competitive market such a prideful
anti-customer attitude is the kiss of death.

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