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Re: RAW noise

Guy Parsons wrote:

ecm wrote:
I thought RAW didn't have white balance, that's done later at RAW
conversion time. Or are we talking about the JPEG here? I need to
read the book but there has to be a way to manually set a likely
white balance based on type of lighting. Anyway, small white
balance errors can easily be sorted out in the edit program. I use
Auto WB all the time and have very few problems. Your mixed
lighting may cause problems, you need to have a filter over the
flash to make it the same colour temperature as the halogen lights,
or you really should try halogen lamps only.

Hope something there may help....

Regards........... Guy (gotta log off now) Parsons

Thanks for the reply!

I think you're right, actually; there IS no white balance adjustment in RAW.... but the camera let me fiddle for ages trying to get it to work... LOL, I guess I know now why it didn't seem to make any difference at all to the red hue I was trying to get rid of!

I'm going to try again next weekend with more lights, I'll try to post a result for critique...


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