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Re: RAW and TIF, maybe some help.

A specific question for Guy:
I tried to use RAW on my C-5060 to do some portraits, and I had a
lot of trouble with graininess, ie. very high noise levels. It was
like I was shooting at ISO 400 (or worse), but I'd set the ISO at
80 manually. Is this normal for RAW?

Hi ecm,

I'm not Guy. I'm sure you guessed.

I'm also no expert at RAW, but it sounds like it might be your RAW processing software. Have you tried looking at all of your preferences? Does the graininess/noise persist if you convert to a file format native to your software (i.e. .psd in Photoshop)? I've had severe "noise" problems with some images that were corrected simply by saving the image as something the software could handle more effectively.

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