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Started Nov 15, 2004 | Discussions thread
William Johnson Regular Member • Posts: 267
Re: Bulk contact sheets

I sent you an email on how to use the windows contact manager.

James Fry wrote:

I have several thousand photographs that I have taken over the last
few years stored on my hard drive. They are still in the original
DCIM directory structure (just copied into one big directory on my
hard disk - backed up of course).

It is starting to get difficult to find the images that I want, so
I was hoping to find some way of printing bulk contact sheets. Is
there any software that lets you do that easily and quickly?
(Windows or Linux solutions are fine).

Ideally the contact sheets would contain the filename (and maybe
the folder), the date and time, image size in pixels, focal length,
aperture and shutter speed for each shot under the image.



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