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Hi Jolino,

Jollino wrote:

Thanks for the tutorial, Brian! I can't wait to get my hands on a
C-8080 and try that.

You're welcome, Jolino. Happy to help. Incidentally, if you're interested in an 8080, can you please e-mail me? I know where you can get a great deal on a mint condition 8080 with extras, but commercial posts are not allowed on dpreview, and your e-mail address is not disclosed. If you're interested in this, please e-mail me.

Just a stupid question: do you 'blend' the images using the same
software you use to process RAW files, or how else?
I've never used RAW files - my current camera only supporting JPEG

  • so I'm quite ignorant about the topic.

Not a stupid question at all. I don't use the RAW software for blending. It's not really designed for that. I use the RAW to basically create the best quality jpegs I can, and then blend those jpegs. There are a number of ways to blend images, actually. For the example I showed here I used a technique called layer masking to bring the two shots together. You can find out more about that technique, as well as two other blending methods here:

That article was written with multiple bracketed exposures in mind, but the methods there are applicable to a RAW file processed more than once too.

Oh, and I think that the very first version of the photo has some
undefinable appeal, anyway...

Yes, I think I know what you mean. It has a moodiness I find appealing. But I did want to show people how much of their image is lost when converting to jpeg.

Incidentally, in the example I gave here I only adjusted expore on the RAW file. There is still a little more detail to be recovered from the shadows via methods like the Shadow and Highlight sliders in Photoshop for example. Using them after you've processed the RAW file will give you much improved results over using them on a jpg on the same scene.

Kind Regards,
Brian (el picador, Sir Brian)

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