How to find your photos in 10 years from now...

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How to find your photos in 10 years from now...

How do you archive your photos?

Is it simple? (i.e. few menushoises/clicks)
Is it done in no time? (i.e. no need to repeat the above clicks)
Is it idependant from any software? (i.e. using IPTC/EXIF)
And can you do it NOT using the mouse?

If you don't read on. If you do, tell me the name of that applet!

So, where to begin...

I presume you give alle pictures a sensible name, and give them keywords to describe the contenet, event of the picture. How would one otherwise be able to find e.g. all pictures of women on a horse, three years later? But HOW do you do it??? By renaming the filename? OR, by adding IPTC/EXIF keywords/captions?

I'm getting pretty frustrated by all these photoalbums and so on, and so fort, which all seem to NOT use IPTC and EXIF. Well they do, but adding new keywords/captions takes an real effort clicking through 3-8 dialogs for EACH picture. And I can't believe that I am the only one with a couple of thousands photos still waiting to get indexed.

One important aspect is by using IPTC/EXIF the images do not depend on the software handeling them. Picasa is great, but I loose all my keyword if I move my photos to another app. I I'd hate that. And it is espessially vitial in the long run. How many of you think you still would be using the same app in 10 years? If we don't take this issue serious, many will not be able find their photos in the swarm of millions of images. In the future I believe we'll depend on indexing software like google desktop. And when they support indexing IPTC/EXIf of any new standard for adding info to images, all I need is the keywords that follow the image, not database-app.

I have for a long time been looking for a stand-alone applet which lets me to just this; adding keywords and captions to the IPTC for each picture, in a batch-manner.
Just have a glimps of this small viewer;

No install, uses existing EXIF-thumbs -> quick. Superb to add to each archive-photo-cd.

And now I want to be able to speed through the strain it is to index all of my photos. I use Opera, Total Commander, Miranda, Stickies(zhorn software), Media Player Classic and many more, just to avoid using the mouse.
Why is this still not possible when handeling images???

Please give me links to apps YOU think is the best for adding IPTC/EXIF keywords to photos. (And preferably only that)

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