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Re: Well Brian that has to be the best demo....

Hi Bob,

Bob Myers1 wrote:

... of raw I have seen.... most demos I have seen left me wondering
why bother.... but with your demo there is no doubt the benefits of
raw !!!!!

I am glad you found it useful, Bob.

Is that normal for the blown highlights to actually be
there in the raw file ??? If what you have demonstrated is normal
raw file manipulation I am sold !!!!

Yes, it is normal for much of the blown highlight detail to be there. It is possible to overexpose your shot so much that not even RAW can save it, but you have much more latitude in RAW. An 8-bit jpg, for example allows only 256 tonality values from black to white. A 12-bit RAW file allows 4,096 values for each. The problem is, your camera sometimes captures more than can be squeezed into an 8-bit jpg. When this happens, some info is tossed out as the images is converted into a jpg by the camera, and is irretrievably lost.

It makes one wonder why you need a light meter if all the info is
there with the exposure so far off LOL

Well, the ideal situation is still to try for the best exposure straight from the camera as you can. But your point is well taken- there is a lot of room to play with RAW.

Thanks for the eye opener Brian !!!!!

Happy to help, Bob.

Kind Regards,
Brian (el picador, Sir Brian)

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