220ex for the G1 -- Don't laugh!

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Re: 220ex for the G1 -- Don't laugh!

Michael W. wrote:

As long as you're in a not-too-large room with reasonable amount of
white walls, it is much easier to get a good picture by bouncing
vs. direct flash. Perfect for candid shots. It's even better if
you also get Sto-fen Omnibounce, that will reduce shadow and
provide a "catch light" for making subject's eyes more lively.
With E-TTL, bounce flash is actually EASIER than direct flash as
long as your flash has enough power to fill the room. Because with
bouncing the exposure will be very good most of the time, you won't
have to deal with exposure compensation and lost pictures due to
over exposed motif.

I've used smaller external flashes before, and quite frankly
handling them is just as much as pain handling larger ones, so
you're not going to gain much with the slightly smaller size. When
compactness is a must, stick to the internal.


I'm beginning to believe the 420EX is the way to go.
Especially, since there is an internal flash like you suggest!
I'll try to take a look at the Sto-fen Omnibounce.

Is there also a diffuser that would be appropriate for let's say shooting candids at a gathering?
Thanks for all the good advice.

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