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Re: well there you go...


I bought the 45mm last spring. I don't recall the details of the listing, whether or not it stated all the accessories but it did come with the complete kit (lens, both caps, hood, pouch and Nikon skylight filter). I see they have another one listed on their ebay store right now with a buy it now price of 189. I also see that they only mention the lens caps. I think it is likely just an oversight on their part not to list the other items. Best thing to do would be to give them a call. I have never had a reason to be dissatisfied with any transaction I have had with them.


capecodchris wrote:
As I said I don't have any first hand experience with them. When
did you buy your 45mm p? I have never seen one listed by cameta
that had the pouch, hood, filter, and cap. Where these listed in
the auction that you bid on?


stephen99 wrote:
I did purchase a 45mm f2.8 from Cameta as well as the 85 f1.4. Both
came with all the accessories that a new lens includes. None of the
items I bought from them showed any evidence of ever being mounted
on a camera. Could not tell them from new.

capecodchris wrote:


I have not dealt with them and I can imagine that they are
upstanding sellers by their feedback rating, but a lot of times the
lens accessories are not included. I was looking for a 45mm f2.8 p
and the lens did not come with the hood or caps which was clearly
stated in their auction but made the deal not as good as it seemed.
Additionally, the term "nikon factory demo" scares me. I know
whenever I am "demoing" items be it a car, camera, stereo, or in my
professional career. I will poke, prod, and otherwise push the
product to its limits to see what it can do. I never buy a car
with more than 3-5 miles on the odometer either


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