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Why Kevin ?


The G1 has been like a photography course for me. I was, (and mostly still am), a point and shoot guy.

In 95 I bought my first digicam, the Chinon 3000, in 1997 I upgraded to the Kodak 120 dc. I never for an instant would have expected neither Chinon nor Kodak to upgrade their already sold digicams for free. I knew when I bought those models that they would be limited. Each of those caneras gave me what I expected of them. My expectations were realistic.

I am surprised by your decision to come out against Canon and the G1. I think you would agree that the competion is not doing any better than Canon in this category at this time.

Could it be that your are being intransigeant ? What else could you have objectively expected from any digicam manufacturer ? How could a few, insignificant and badly trained service reps have made you so mad ?

Anyway, you obviously are going Pekka's route and have decided to upgrade to another model. I probably will keep the G1 another year of two and will move on to something newer and better.

The question I have is why destroy your credibility by using your position and your influence on the G1 forum to assassinate the G1. Your website has been part of my favorites listing since I bought the G1 in November 2000.

The only answer I can come up with is that you probably have an hidden agenda or other un-mentioned deception(s). If I am wrong, than maybe the childish tantrum theory applies.



Richard wrote:
Here, Here! I agree 100% with you-- perhaps my expectations are
less than those of Kevin. While I have (amost) always respected
his opinions and the amount of research that has gone into them,
I'm not a professional, just a highly competent amateur (IMHO). I
too made the switch from film, having spent more than 28 years with
it (and my own darkroom). I purchased a Nikon CoolPix 950, and
after roughly 9 months I gave it to a relative and bought the G1,
and I have been most favorably impressed with it's abilities. Yes,
it has flaws, just like every other digicam, at any price range.
This is an expensive hobby, and no digacam is perfect by a long
shot, but overall there is still nothing (digital) out there that
in my opinion can touch the G1's combination of features in the
same price range. Many of my friends who also own digicams
(including the Sony S70, the Nikon CoolPix 990, and the Oly 3030)
will grudgingly agree. We swap cameras regularly, and I'm always
happy to get my Iron Maiden back. Do I want a better camera? Of
course. Is there a better one in the same price range or less?
Not that I can find. Can I afford a more expensive, "more capable"
one? Not now, anyway. I'll keep my G1 for a few years, unless I
find something in the same price range that is at least an order of
magnitude better. By then I should be able to find a nice 6
megapixel camera in an SLR body with interchangeable lenses and a
fast AF. Am I loyal to Canon? Not particularly. When the time
comes to replace my G1, I'll make an informed decision that may or
may not include Canon, or Nikon, or Oly, or Sony, or any other
manufacturer that has price/performance-competitive products.

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Ted Weller wrote:
I don't know.......correct me if I'm wrong but I think there are a
fair number of G1 owners out there who are more than casual
snapshot shooters but not in the professional ballpark. I have been
an avid 35mm and now digicam user for approx. 25 years and have
gone from the conventional to the digital darkroom. I am not a
'professional' photographer by the standard definition but have
made enough from selling fine art prints and some commercial work
to pay for a large chunk of my equipment and supplies. Having shot
with Canons for quite some time in 35mm format from the A1, AE-1 P
and on through the EOS series. I converted to digital four years
ago and jettisoned my last 35mm about 8 months ago. Being a medium
range shooter with somewhat limited resources, I've found the G1 to
be the perfect insturment for my needs. Sure, it would be great to
have the top-of-the-line whatever but many of us have to make do
with certain limitations. As always, it's the eye that's the most
crucial component and countless thousands of dollars worth of
equipment won't make one whit of difference if you're lacking that.
So, I plan on hanging on to my G1 and squeezing every bit of
performance out of it that I can until I can make a worthwhile
upgrade without being a slave to the latest/greatest syndrome.

Kevin Bjorke wrote:

I am personally sick and tired of dealing with the G1 being out of
focus; of the G1 refusing to cooperate with standard gear or even
Canon's own gear; and of Canon's almost Microsoft-like attitude
against its customers (akin to the attitude of cigarette makers,
who view their customers as property). I've worked quite a lot with
the camera. I am a professional shooter and cinematographer and I
know what I'm doing. I've used Canon gear since the mechanical F-1.
I made web sites and solicited help, spoke to Canon techs on
numerous occasions all over America, and really believed that it
was just a matter of me learning to use the camera adroitly that
would make it as capable as, say, and Argus C-3. But it's not. The
G1 is so full of bugs and dead-ended broken features that my
patience with it is really at an end. Watch for mine (along with a
550EX and a wireless controller) on Ebay or in the Honolulu
newspapers soon. I'm buying something else.

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