Interesting comparison...take a look

Started Nov 26, 2004 | Discussions thread
Daniel Peebles Contributing Member • Posts: 653
Re: My sentiments exactly!

wow the gallery is pretty pathetic there are occasional nice shots in there, but if I got a nice shot out of a camera phone I'd just kick myself for not getting the same nice shot on a real camera, because the quality and sharpness out of those things basically looks like a pinhole ccd camera I remember a while back when someone put some tin foil over his d70 lens mount, poked a hole in it, and made a digital pinhole camera out of it... almost looked better than these camera phone pics and to think they want to take them up to 7mp. blah is what I say to that the megapixel race now starts in camera phones, and is even more of a waste than the megapixel race in digital P&S cameras

ah well that was a waste of 2 cents


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