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Re: MY Attitude: Goodbye Canon

I know this may not nesisarilly be a solution but my new Sony S-75 has solved most of the problems I had with my old G1. It takes in focus and correct color shots almost everytime, the shuter and aperture modes are easier to use with the roller. The flash on the Sony works flawless and it is only $100 bucks! The grip is nice and big, same lens, and fast start up and switching. Allright it does'nt have Iso 50 so shots are not as clean and of course no RAW and no microdrive support but the shots I have taken with it in the past two weeks make up for all of that.....most of them do not need to be fixed in PS. I am not bashing the G1 but if you want a camera similar to the G1 but with better auto focusing and better auto mode and colors S-75 is the way to go. My G1 was great when using in manual modes but I now realize who bad the wondering white balance was and the focusing just not getting it on the other hand when you got the right shot there was nothing smoother for under $1000.00

Jack wrote:

I'd have to say I've experience similar problems.

I've had the G1 for 5 months, and the longer I've had it the
progressively more frustrated with it I've become.

Starting with the G1,
then buying an additional BP-511 (necessity), to add backup power;
then buying a 64MB CF, to add storage (cause 8MB might as well be
then buying the adaptor and telephoto, to try to add to the 3x;
then buying a 340MB Microdrive, to add storage (cause no 1600x1200)
then buying a 420EX, to try to compensate for poor flash photos
then buying a Lensmate Adaptor, to get the Canon adaptor outta the
way of the focus assist light;
then buying a Stofen diffusuer, still trying to compensate for poor
flash photos;

Each incrimental purchase was always an attempt to make up for
short comings, and each time I've been disappointed.

I really don't think it should be this hard to try to get decent
photos out of a $800 - $1500 investment. Ebay sounds like the way
to go.

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