MY Attitude: Goodbye Canon

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Re: MY Attitude: Goodbye Canon

I'd have to say I've experience similar problems.

I've had the G1 for 5 months, and the longer I've had it the progressively more frustrated with it I've become.

Starting with the G1,
then buying an additional BP-511 (necessity), to add backup power;
then buying a 64MB CF, to add storage (cause 8MB might as well be 0MB);
then buying the adaptor and telephoto, to try to add to the 3x;
then buying a 340MB Microdrive, to add storage (cause no 1600x1200)
then buying a 420EX, to try to compensate for poor flash photos

then buying a Lensmate Adaptor, to get the Canon adaptor outta the way of the focus assist light;

then buying a Stofen diffusuer, still trying to compensate for poor flash photos;

Each incrimental purchase was always an attempt to make up for short comings, and each time I've been disappointed.

I really don't think it should be this hard to try to get decent photos out of a $800 - $1500 investment. Ebay sounds like the way to go.

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