Yeeehhaaaa - my Nikon D70 Software Dev Kit has arrived!!

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Re: for arkamax

Hi Artyom, thanks for the swift reply.

My dream is along the lines of javascript or TK/TCL- a set of basic objects that you can preset the attributes then invoke to do things, wrapped in some simple sequencing and control functions to allow looping, timing, if/then/else type constructs etc.

If it will help, I'm happy to put an initial example or two together with my view of the symantics and syntax.

(Have you used YACC/AWK/PYTHON, TK/TCL, or similar? That would be useful to know - can the "borrow" their syntax and symantics)

arkamax wrote:
Hi Paul,

You're right saying that SDK allows for little additional control
over the Nikon Camera Control - in fact, Camera Control is a
perfect example of what SDK can do. And you're also right saying
that the extra value lies in automating those functions somehow -
so this is what my work is all about right now. I didn't think
about scripting before, but that certainly would be a good thing to
have... it would take a bit of time to develop of course.

I can see a lot of different ways to make the scripting work - so I
would like to ask you what would you like this scripting thing to
be, I mean what do you expect to do with it? Describe your dream
workflow with this - how would it look? I'm asking because it's
very easy to overcomplicate such a software, and that's what I'd
like to avoid.


P a u l wrote:

Hi arkamax,

Whilst I can see what has excited you, unless I'm way off track the
SDK largely provides "programmatic" (callable functions) access to
the same functions as the "Nikon Control" software offers via the
menus and screens.

So, yes, you can "add value" by providing automation (stringing
together actions only available as single functions in NC), but I'd
be quite surprised if there was much additional control than that?

Example: the lowest shutter speed to trigger ISO boost is (of
course) available via the D70 camera menu, and also NC's menus.

So, can we now request some form of scriptable utility, please?
Then we can do much, much more with our D70s than NC permits :-)))

(BTW, mirror lockup would require a hardware change to be supported

  • sorry)

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Cheers, Paul.

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Cheers, Paul.

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