20D new bug no one else seems to notice...users pls confirm

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Re: 20D new bug no one else seems to notice...users pls confirm

Press the info button twice when in preview to see the whole pic + histogram if you have this problem until Canon can correct it.

its a bug firmware in the 20D... im just surprised why no one else
saw this... a friend tested his 20D also noticed the same thing
only after i told him what to look for.

During playback (and preview after shooting) not the whole captured
image is displayed on the LCD...a portion of the right side is

Zoom in then out again, the whole image is now displayed on the LCD.

press the shutter half way to turn camera to shoot mode then press
playback again...again the image is cropped on the right side. to
see the complete image, i have to zoom in and zoom out to see the
whole image!

owners of canon 20D pls check this and confirm my findings...

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